Premium Yamato Sakura Uniforms August 19 2016, 94 Comments

We are excited to announce that we have just release a new line of Aikido/Judo uniforms!

We have just added our Yamato Sakura line of premium gis.  These uniforms have the same sizing of our bleached and unbleached gis, but are made with a heaver (750 gsm) cotton, and a bit more attention to detail in their build quality.  These uniforms are perfect for someone who is looking for something more high quality than our regular line of Yamato Sakura gis, but is looking to spend less than the cost of the Japanese made uniforms that we sell.

We are very excited to brings these aboard, and really think our customers will enjoy them!

Sizing Issues August 03 2015, 89 Comments

We are now aware that there may be a sizing difference for all customers who may have been used to the sizing with California S & P.  We have fixed this with our manufacturer, and should have the original sizing by the end of August.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to email us.

2nd Restock Update May 14 2015, 86 Comments

Good news for everyone who has been waiting for our restock shipment to arrive.  It is finally ready for pick up!

We will be picking up everything tomorrow, and the stock should be added to the site later that day or on Saturday, at the latest.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us through this delay.  We hope that this is the last major delay we have to encounter.

Restock Update May 07 2015, 60 Comments

As many of you might know, this has not been the easiest of transitions moving to an online business and taking over for Mr. Kasai, while trying to keep the same quality of products available to you, the customer.  We have been facing large stock issues of the last few months, but we hope those come to an end soon.

Many of you have asked about our incoming shipment, and I can say, we are almost there!  We have word from our freight forwarders that the shipment has landed at the docks and should be on it's way to us very soon.  We are hoping to have the items in hand this following Monday (May 11th, 2015).

Thank you for everyone's patience, and we hope this will be the last of any major stock issues going forward.

2nd post .....Live! February 16 2014, 18 Comments

Still stumbling along but we have started sales and are learning as we go. The site is live but ever changing. If you have some advice please do not keep it to yourself :-).

First Post November 06 2013, 9151 Comments

Welcome to the first blog post for our new store Nippon Budogu Japanese Martial Arts Supply.

While the store is still under construction , we are hard at work building up inventory and working out the kinks in the system.

Creating an ecommerce site has been a challenge which has us doing overtime each day. With the advice and help from many of you, we are just about ready to go live!

Our profound thanks to Kashiwaya Sensei, the members of Northern California Ki Society, Gaetano Kazuo Maida (director of the Buddhist Film Festival) , Catherine Dea, Ray Wong, Chris Curtis Sensei and Alan Yamaguma for their advice and extra support during the building of our store.

Also congratulations and  thanks to our first customers , Mr. Warren Bean, Sherry Drobner sensei and Curtis sensei