First Post November 06 2013, 9151 Comments

Welcome to the first blog post for our new store Nippon Budogu Japanese Martial Arts Supply.

While the store is still under construction , we are hard at work building up inventory and working out the kinks in the system.

Creating an ecommerce site has been a challenge which has us doing overtime each day. With the advice and help from many of you, we are just about ready to go live!

Our profound thanks to Kashiwaya Sensei, the members of Northern California Ki Society, Gaetano Kazuo Maida (director of the Buddhist Film Festival) , Catherine Dea, Ray Wong, Chris Curtis Sensei and Alan Yamaguma for their advice and extra support during the building of our store.

Also congratulations and  thanks to our first customers , Mr. Warren Bean, Sherry Drobner sensei and Curtis sensei